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Scotch-Brite HD Flap Brush

HD flap brushes are made of tightly compressed resin bonded Scotch-Brite flaps. This construction provides excellent cleaning and conditioning ability with consistent surface finish. It is particularly effective for applications prior to dry film lamination.

Scotch-Brite FD Flap Brush
FD flap brushes are made of tightly compressed, Urethane foamed resin bonded Scotch-Brite flaps. They are developed to improve "hole plugging problem caused by brush refuse" which becomes serious for the recent high-grade PC boards. It is particularly effective for deburring after drilling and prior to applying solder resist.
Scotch-Brite High Cut Buff
High Cut Buff is made of tightly compressed,specially designed resin bonded Scotch-Brite flaps. They are developed to meet with the recent high grade PC boards that include various heavy removal applications such as hole plugging epoxy resin, prepreg resin, black oxide or insulator for Build-up Multi-layer PC Boards.
Scotch-Brite Leveling Wheel
Leveling Wheel is developed to provide the most aggressive performance in non-woven abrasive products for various heavy removal applications such as hole plugging epoxy resin or copper paste and Ink removal and stainless steel press plate cleaning. Levelling wheel consists of specially designed non-woven abrasive material and convulated around a core.
Scotch-Brite FC Wheel
FC wheel products are convoluted wheel reinforced by urethane-foamed resin. This product is designed to prevent "hole plugging problem" and improve product life. Main applications are deburring, surface cleaning finish after drilling through-hole, cleaning prior to dry film lamination (after copper plating).
» Filters


Advancing depth filtration through technological innovation

PolyKLEAN filters, the product of CUNO's new Rigid Extrusion Bonded technology (REBelT), are patent pending all-polypropylene depth filter cartridges offering premium features including:

  • consistent particle removal efficiencies throughout the filter's life,
  • increased surface area for extended filter life, and
  • low initial pressure drop for enhanced flow

The combined premium features of PolyKLEAN filters can significantly reduce total filtration cost.


  • Uniform density depth type polypropylene and polyester "rigid" cartridge, free of media migration.
  • Absolute rated from 2 microns.
  • Capable of operating under high differential pressures, ideal for high viscosity solids and fluids.
  • Typical applications include magnetic media dispersions, photographic emulsions, photo resists, resins, specialty chemicals, high purity water systems, pharmaceutical prefiltration, paints & inks, and food & beverage processing.


  • Rigid, resin-bonded fiber, depth-type filter cartridge with nominal ratings from 1 to 150 microns.
  • This true graded density cartridge is available in a variety of construction materials.
  • Available in three formulations to ideally suit your application.
  • Typical applications include process water, photographic emulsions, oxide slurries, inks and dyes, plastic, air & gasses, and food & beverages.


  • A major advancement in wound cartridge technology: integral media blanket for enhanced consistent results.
  • Consistently exhibits increased dirt loading capacity and high flow rates.
  • Nominally rated from 0.5 to 350 microns.
  • Typical applications include aggressive chemicals, petrochemical, photographic emulsions, paints, inks, and food & beverage.


  • Uniquely designed activated carbon cartridge that is completely self-contained.
  • Removes chlorine, color, and odors caused by dissolved organics.
  • Includes 5 micron pre- and post- filters for carbon fine removal.
  • Provides approximately 33 cubic inches of activated carbon.
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