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» Developing

DX-32 Economical, easy to use, one part carbonate based liquid developer concentrate for fully or semi-aqueous dry films and LPI solder masks. Stabilizers increase solution pH to produce 15 to 20% more throughput.

DX-40 40% potassium carbonate with additives for improved sidewalls. Produces higher yields and faster speeds.

DX-45 45% potassium carbonate. Replenishing solution for DX-40 and ADC-40.

» Antifoams

ANTIFOAM BB Highly concentrated formula for use with photoresist strippers, photoresist developers and LPI developers.

ANTIFOAM DES Concentrated water-miscible antifoam for use in developers and resist strippers. Highly effective in both alkaline and acid solutions.

ANTIFOAM L/C An economical, blended non-silicone antifoaming agent. Antifoam LC is especially effective in alkaline solutions used for developing and stripping aqueous photoresists. Antifoam LC is effective at very low concentrations and over a wide temperature range.

» Resist Stripping

Inner layer
DUAL STRIP BAT Highly effective stripper for any liquid or dry film inner layer resist. Strong anti-tarnish package to maximize productivity at AOI.

ULTRASTRIP BAT General purpose inner layer stripper. Low pH working solution. Excellent with flex.
ADF-55 Quickly removes both dry film and liquid resist in soak or spray applications. Compatible with most oxide alternative pre-clean cycles. Produces filterable particles with low VOC content.

Outer Layer
A semi-aqueous outerlayer photoresist stripper for stripping very fine line circuit boards. Contains additives that promote the release of resist from copper sidewalls, enhancing resist removal.

MICROSTRIP 2000 High speed stripper designed to remove the toughest adhering resists by creating very small particles. Ideal for overplate conditions.

A fully aqueous, highly concentrated stripper producing high speeds and small particles. Ideal for fine lines and spaces.

FLEXSTRIP Low pH stripper designed for stripping dry film resists from adhesive-less and adhesive-based flex laminates.

» Copper Cleaning
LAYERCLEAN CR Highly concentrated, chloride-free, non-etching copper cleaner for fast removal of chromate conversion coatings from standard and reverse-treat foils.

ME-515 Potassium monopersulfate microetch, producing a uniform predicable etch rate with maximum surface topography. Remains very stable in solution over long periods.

Stabilized peroxide based microetch for spray or immersion applications.

» Film Cleaning
SPECIAL FILM CLEANER Excellent hexane free antistatic cleaner for diazo, silver halide and protective films. Available in unscented version.
» Equipment Cleaning
TIDY SUMP - General purpose, alkaline equipment cleaner for developers and resist strippers.
SUMP DOCTOR - Alkaline equipment cleaner designed to break antifoam residues.
» Soldermask Stripping

MAGNASTRIP 500 High speed, long lasting soldermask remover. No scrubbing required and no attack on the laminate.

MAGNASTRIP 600HF Specifically designed to remove most liquid photoimageable solder masks from halogen free laminates quickly and without damaging the sur¬face of the laminate or causing measling

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