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» Mecurex

The Mercurex lineup includes two models: the highthroughput LI-9000 and the high-precision LI-9500.
The Mercurex is a multi-purpose direct imaging system designed for various exposure processes of printed circuit boards, such as inner layer, outer layer, and solder resist patterns.
The combination of a SLM (spacial light modulator) and Screen's exclusive optical technology enables the use of an ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp as the light source.
Conventional resists used for one-shot exposures can even be used with the new unit.
Circuit patterns can be exposed on to the resists directly from CAD data without the use of a photomask, resulting in drastically improved turn around times and reduced costs.
Naturally the problems associated with using a mask are totally eliminated.
Screen's highly advanced imaging head achieves a minimum width of 15µm L/S and an accuracy of ±1µm.
Scaling features have been implemented to match expansion and fluctuations in the board, while the autocalibration feature brings about a positioning accuracy of 10µm (3σ).
The unit is ideal for exposing across a range of applications, including multi-layer boards, packages, and build-up PCBs with intricate patterns.

» PI-8700

The relentless miniaturization and sophistication of electronic devices such as palmtop computers and portable phones has accelerated the miniaturization of circuit board patterns. As a result, inspection systems with higher performance and reliability are now a necessity.
PI-8700 can inspect a variety of boards, such as outer layer/inner layer/mixed circuit boards, as well as BGA and CSP package boards, at high speed and with high precision. It is a high-end optical inspection system that offers excellent operability.

» PI-9000

• Supports high precision PCBs
The newly developed image-processing unit enables the inspection for high-precision line-and-space patterns of PCBs with no deterioration in inspection quality or throughput.
• Higher inspection quality
1) Updated image capture system
2) New inspection algorithms
3) Fewer false calls
4) Improved detection of through-holes and special via
• Improved operability
1) Automatic setting of inspection parameters
2) Updated GUI
3) Apron cover slide mechanism
4) Package board inspection
5) Four-side/eight-side switching

» WI-8000

The WI-8000 is a visual inspection system designed to detect the fine defects that occur on work-size substrates during intermediate processes. This system features the leading color inspection technology developed for Screen’s FP-8000 series of final visual inspection equipment.
The WI-8000 quickly locates structural failures such as solder-resist stripping around silkscreen and solder adhered to minute areas of solder-resist stripping, which are difficult to detect and correct in the final process. This technology makes a major contribution to improving yield rates.

» VT-2000

The VT-2000 is a defect verification and repair system that displays defect data for boards on a monitor, with the aid of inspection data from SCREEN AOI systems.
When the operator places an inspected board on the verification table and enters the board's lot number, the camera automatically moves to the locations of defects on that board, and displays enlarged images of the defect areas on the monitor. The monitor's attachment position has been adjusted to lower the viewing angle, which reduces the strain on the operator during verification.

» MI-8700

• Ultra precision mask inspection
• Improved speed
• Multi-threshold DRC inspection
• CAM data conversion software and built-in verification unit
• High-precision inspection with detailed inspection on/off settings
• High-sensitivity DRC inspection (CAM data pre-checking function)
• Dynamic scaling function
• Inspection of multiple patterns within a single mask
• Glass Mask Setup Unit (option)

» DR-5500 FIII

The DR-5500-FIII is an upgraded model featuring the acclaimed high-precision measurement and stability of the DR-5500-FII in addition to greater expandability. This new digital reader provides all the functions required for automatic measurement in its standard specification, and additional functions to meet customer needs can be selected as options. With this approach, the system is able to offer an impressive tradeoff between cost and effectiveness.

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